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Just some press coverage of the Kevin1100 & Friends show by Patrick Wall... Which was pretty lit!

Friday 27

Kevin1100 & Friends — Birthday boy Kevin1100 celebrates another year ’round the sun today, and because it’s his birthday, he’ll rap if he wants to. There’s a genial affability to Mr. 1100’s music — his beats are sprightly and his rhymes light-headed, warranting comparisons to Lupe Fiasco circa “Kick Push.” Tonight, he gets by with a little help from some of his friends from the broader reaches of the local hip-hop scene: DJ Lonzo, Reign 9000, Oscar Lee, $tu $imon, and Bennie Sav. — Patrick Wall | The Soda Live (Tapp’s Arts Center): 8 p.m., $10 ($7 advance); 803-988-0013,


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Box Office/Press:


"Come witness an eclectic hip-hop experience as, birthday-boy, Kevin1100 hosts a live show at Tapp’s Art Center featuring Bennie Sav, Oscar Lee, $tu $imon, and Reign 9000. Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm."

"September 27- Soul Talk & Ear Candy with Kevin1100 and Friends at SODA Live at the Tapp’s Art Center. In celebration of his birthday, Kevin1100 will provide you with an eclectic hip-hop experience that will include Bennie Sav, Oscar Lee, Stu Simon, & Reign 9000. For more information call (803) 988-0013 or visit"

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