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​Making real music for real people - Skitcha Records recording artist, Kevin1100, offers an eclectic selection of music. With albums entitled: 'Just Me & My Shadow' (2022), 'Dark Rooms & Lit Candles' (27 September 2021), 'Nature Sounds & Rhythm Gods' (27 September 2020). 'Soul Talk & Ear Candy' (27 September 2019), and ‘Language Arts & Verbal Abuse’ (27 September 2018), he provides an array of cadences over tasteful and crafty homemade productions. Within these future classics, you'll hear features from the likes of Reign 9000, Bennie (of PGE600), Oscar Lee (aka OLD Jr.), $tu $imon, J. Marquis (of Black Top Ent), Hello Shello (Biscuit House), Eezy Olah (Carolinas coolest creator), and RodyBalla. Production credits include Kevin1100 himself, Germerican Beats (Thomas Foreman), Thee Other (Chris Corley). Damn K_Lub, HeavyW8 (Tyree & Tyree II), Airborne, and STN-_-.  Kevin1100's unique approach to a culture-old craft is original, sonically pleasurable, and deeply involved. His production, particularly, offers a unique combination of digital and live instrumentation with rare, but tasteful, sampling. Lyrically, Kevin1100 is very expressive, intelligent, and fun - 'Language Arts & Verbal Abuse' has proven to be a fitting title for his debut album - not to mention his genre-inspired second album of similar reprise. Recording at Jam Room, Boom Room, Spirit Catcher Studios | Recycled Starship 1, and Slow Radio in Columbia, SC, Kevin1100 takes pride in his involvement and networking with local engineers such as Jay Matheson, Jamey Rogers, and Philip Cope to hone in on his homegrown sound. Kevin continues to develop and expand his vibe-style as an introspective genre, referred to as soul talk & ear candy, hence the title of his second album. For now, but not forever, Kevin1100 gives us a look into his eclectic mind, creating albums, visuals, and sneak peaks from 'Spirit Catcher Studios | Recycled Starship 1', his personal in-home recording studio - we can definitely expect, at least, another solid project from him in 2021.

"Daydreaming and self-reflection help me make sense of my life, and I try to reflect that in my music, even when it doesn't make sense. From Greenview, Yorkshire, St. John, Sandel, Brennen, Crayton, A.C. Flora, Clemson, New Light Beulah, Northstar, cutting grass in my neighborhood, Target, the DMV, State Fleet, Fed Ex, CU Intramurals, Harsco Rail, The Fitts Company, The 1100 Foundation, and where ever else, thanks for the experience and  inspiration. This is a labor of love" - Kevin1100
​Home:  Columbia, SC 

Genre(s):  Soul Talk & Ear Candy, Rap, Hip-Hop

Occupation(s): Magickian, Writer, Producer, Performer, Musician, Singer/Song-writer, Certified Audio Enginer, Mechanical Engineer, Designer.

Label(s):  SKiTCHA Records

Associated Acts:  Reign, Oscar Lee, Bennie (PGE 600), $tu-$imon, J. Marquis, RhyanMichele (Cineman Shots), 'Logue' (Inner Mirror)
, Raina Simons, Thee Other (Chris Corley), F.O.K.U.S.E.D., Chris Williams, Ryan Knot, HeavyW8 Productions, Thomas Foreman. Hello Shello, Damn K-Lub, STN -_-, Astro (Tyrie II), Airborne, Eezy Olah, RodyBalla. STN-_-) (pronounced "Stone" baka Still That Nigga)

Website(s): ,



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