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NEW MUSIC+VIDEO: Kevin1100 - Keep Going (prod. STN-_-)

Yo, so by now you should know I graduated from Clemson University. While there, I met hella lot of people. One of them was Winston Lord. I think he was on the band and studying Audio Engineering (a major not offered when I was deciding). Anyway, long story short, turns out he's a producer and we started working on a few records together. This was back when he was a part of a conglomerate of sorts called 'Introspective Minds'. They were making some seriously different vibes and I was always impressed with the work ethic and continuous improvement of quality. One of the first records I recorded over was one of their tracks. I named the song 'Wassup' (feat. Oscar Lee) <- yet another person I met in while at Clemson. There was always something about Lord's production that just seemed to bring out a certain side of me that we all love to see. It wouldn't be for another +7yrs that we reconnected to make some real magick. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until this year that I learned what STN-_- stood for; "STONE", Winston's nickname. I always thought it stood for "Still That Nigga" so I like to call him "Still That Nigga, Stone".Anyway, we did (4) tracks together for my upcoming project - So here, I present to you my first single 'Keep Going (prod. STN-_-)' off my 4th studio album, 'Dark Rooms & Lit Candles', premiering 9/27/2021. To Winston, thank you my brother, I know this was a long time in the making and we have a lot more to come - KEEP GOING!

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