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Music REVIEW by B.I.N.A.C.T.

This is Kevin1100's 'Language Arts & Verbal Abuse' as reviewed by B.I.N.A.C.T.'s very own Candice Johnson []


  • The mixing and mastering are great. It sounds best in my over-ear headphones.

  • Your flows bring attention to your skill. Your lyrical content is interesting throughout the album.

  • Your songs reference coming of age themes that most young black men experience at your age (love, temptations, working, spending money, combating stereotypes) in an accessible and palatable way.

  • Lyrical skill-wise, the stand out songs are Runaways (Non-Anonymous) and Gateway2000

  • The production choices on this album are on point.

  • The beats don't fit in with the typical trap beats of mainstream Hip-Hop but they are compelling and contribute to the album's storytelling.

  • Standouts: Itsubishi, Gateway2000, Sex & Drugs

  • The features are interesting and well placed.

  • The verses fit perfectly within the context of the album and they bring life to the project.

  • They don't feel forced or juxtaposed for the sake of a feature.

  • They don't distract from your verses, they compliment them.

Things I Noticed:

  • Your tone comes off monotone on some songs.

  • Higher is a good example. I know it's a song about being high but your verses translate a low energy. It's evident when Bennie Sav spits his verse right after yours. His verse brings a completely different energy to the song.

  • The hooks on a few songs could use more substance.

  • Some are repetitive and slow down the momentum of the song.

  • For people who don't appreciate verses, hooks and choruses can make or break a song. They can either bring the listener in or turn the listener off. The hooks on the followings songs could've used some more effort in writing and/or delivery: Itsubishi, Jungles & Woods, Forever

  • The longer songs should be shorter. RIP Simba has a lot of empty space which is an easy way for a listener to lose focus.

  • Album structure

  • Pacing is important. After track 6 the album drags a little bit. That could be avoided by placing an upbeat song in between slower songs OR making adjustments to supplement the energy of the album.

Overall this is a solid project. The intro and outro are very strong with standout tracks in the middle. The album themes are relatable. Production, mixing, and mastering are assets to the listening experience. I think the album structure and energy could use some work but overall this debut is substantial. Let me know if there's anything I missed that you would like more feedback on.

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