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NEW MUSIC: Jungles-N-Woods

Released my 3rd song today. RhyanMichele came through with some vocals on the first verse

Artwork: Kevin1100 (MC) "Though I Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death" , a collage of peace and balance in the midst of chaos. Views from inside Spirit Catcher Studios|Recycled Starship 1. Toys lended by Alex & Aiden Jackson, and Syck Beats (The Real Story of Anthony Corley). Artistic arrangement and graphic design by Kevin1100.

Focus on your grind, we working this ain't just rappin': Everyone has a mission in life, are you being true to yours. Is it in the will of The Most High. Regardless your first mission is to forever be a student of life and a scientist for your truth. Go out and prove it.

(Available in all major online stores)



Song: Jungles-N-Woods

Artist(s): Kevin1100

Album: Language Arts & Verbal Abuse

I been livin’ my life up on the wild side/

It ain’t no church here/

Just keepin’ it a hunnid, and I’m only in the third gear/

And now we got real rap feigns gettin’ served here/

Whatchu’ mean you ain’t heard yet!?/

Skitcha Niggas getting off/

Just some country thugs throwing molotovs/

Bustin’ down barriers/

Livin’ jet life but never hovered in a harrier/

8-0-3 the area/

Only roll the best that’s available/

I treat my niggas like brothas/

If I got it, it’s theirs/

You know the fam know wassup, now that I’m finally here/

So what’s a year in the past, to the present/

I ain’t got time for no rhymes, these are lines with a message/

This SkiTcha Records shit was my destiny/

Keep my mind hard at work…/

Until my body rest in peace, Please!/

Have mercy on my soul Lord/

I’m only doing what I know reading books, I was so bored/

But I’ma B-O-O-K/

Under a spell to get Moh-Money/

Pass it all around, keep hittin’ licks for the fun of it/

You wouldn’t know unless you done this shit/

Runnin’ for my life/

Chasin’ down bliss/

My niggas aim high, and keep shootin’ if we miss/

Class dismissed…take your safeties off/

Empty all your shells, aim well, and throw them moletovs/

I’m not blind, I got the openest eye/

And keep my lid low/

Summer love child gone wild with his billfold/

Prolly freestyle for a while with his kinfolk/

Been broke/

Never going back, fuck that!/

Tryna pull up in some shit that make’em ask what’s that?/

And who in it?/

The windows tinted/

I bet he get a bunch of women/

Comin’ from these jungles and woods/

I’m comin’ from these jungles and woods, woods/

These Jungles and woods/

Jungles and woods/

…Paradise City Bitch!

Comin’ from these jungles and woods/

I’m comin’ from these jungles and woods, woods/

These Jungles and woods/

Jungles and woods/

…Paradise City Bitch!

They say I’m not supposed to know/

What I’ve been seeing in my telescope/

And that religion is the only antedote/

For being hella dope and seeing all these things/

I had sex with an angel, she ain’t had no wings/

Wasn’t a virgin neither/

And then I seen a preacher chiefin’ on the finest reefer/

A hell of a sequence on the scene I see daily/