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Trap Certification?

Is this Kevin1100 or Ice Billion Berg?

Someone asked if my name is 'Ice Berg'. A quick google search led me to this image. Looks like me (in this particular photo at least), but is not me. Stolen picture? Coincidence? So, of course I had to do a little more research and listen to the mixtape in its entirety. Game respect game, you can listen to Ice 'Billion' Berg's Trap Certified mixtape can be found on (click image to follow link or cut and paste the below into a new browser window)

We'll just leave it at this - Ice 'Billion" Berg and Kevin1100 have two unique stylings. Cut my hair and stand out? Only time will tell - doing me regardless. Salute to your LiveHouse Ent grind Ice 'Billion' Berg (Teiron L. Robinson).

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