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Coming up, there were several instances where I made up a word by just saying the craziest shit I could come up with, making up new beat boxing sounds, making up new words for rhyming... and then catching hell for it...

i.e. I went to St. John Pre-School in Columbia, SC with Bianca Richardson (yes, the top model chick from a few years ago - I was making a beat on the desk and beat boxing simultaneously during free-play. I had the best idea - I should beat box a sound into the beat that sounds like a snare and a hi-hat being hit at the same time. The next words (sounds) that came out of my 5ish year old mouth were: "SHIT SHIH-SHIH SHIT SHIH-SHIT SHIH-SHIT SHIT!!!" (best sound I had ever created up to that point) the teacher (Ms. D. Friday ...who was exceptionally fine btw) enters the scene and escorts me to the principles office. I enter the room and s greet Ms. White appropriately, and she immediately asks,

Her: "Kevin...were you saying bad words"

Me: (glancing at Ms. D. Friday) ... "No ma'am..."

Her: "Kevin...what were you doing during free-time"

Me: "Making a beat"

Her: "Show me what you were doing"

(seeing that this is a performance, I do the best desktop beat and beat box I've ever done, giving her an exclusive sneak peak of my latest sounds.)


Her: "Your father is on his way, you want to try that again?"

Me: (SHEEYIIIITTTT the more practice the better!!!!) "SHIT SHIH-SHIH SHIT SHIH-SHIT SHIH-SHIT SHIT!!!"

Longer story shorter, my dad came and whooped my ass pants down in the gravel parking on the corner of a main intersection....and told me to never do it again...and sent me back to free-time crying....

........I thought he was only talking about beat boxing

and Bianca Richardson would never be cool to me ever again because of it. Just one example of how I invented cussing. It wasn't until a few years later in life I noticed that 'certain words' made people react a little differently, and I was hooked.

It's because of SHIT like this, I say what the fuck I want when the fuck I want to.

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